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  1. 7 habits that got me to 100K
  2. A Logo Doesn't Need To Have A Meaning
  3. How Supreme Started
  4. How Supreme Started
  5. 7 Rules of Personal Branding
  6. Social desirability bias
  7. Simple isn't always minimal
  8. How to create UI Specs
  9. How to create waves
  10. Rule of thumb for UX Design
  11. Murphy's Law
  12. The Placebo Effect
  13. Design tools you won't believe exist
  14. The first rule of UX
  15. First you learn to read, then you read to learn
  16. What is read?
  17. The 10% Myth
  18. Just 1%
  19. How to write a winning proposal?
  20. 5 design psychology facts you don't know
  21. How to create this pattern in Figma?
  22. Never fall in love with your first idea
  23. Dope Design System
  24. How to build design system - Part 1
  25. How to build design system - Part 2
  26. Start practicing the art of Kyudo
  27. How to receive criticism?
  28. How to make money on Instagram?
  29. How to develop your own style?
  30. Aesthetic Usability Effect
  31. Market like the Michelin man
  32. The power of AB test
  33. Super apps are the future
  34. Stop making these UI Design mistakes
  35. Create glass weather icon in five steps
  36. How to start freelancing?
  37. How many followers do you need?
  38. I was terified of speaking to the camera
  39. How to make your design breathe?
  40. Why you need to create content everyday?
  41. How Redbull brand with trash
  42. Font Psychology
  43. Why microcopy matter?
  44. How to become a better designer?
  45. Design principles for perfect icons
  46. What can a designer can learn from a banana?
  47. 8 Website to create your first portfolio with no coding
  48. The Pink Napkin Effect
  49. How Starbucks Really Started – Part 1
  50. How Starbucks Really Started – Part 2
  51. Steal these ideas
  52. Here's how we can easily confuse the user
  53. Spottify has an interesting way of saying goodbye
  54. How to use Visual Hierarchy in UI Design?
  55. First look at Google's new design system – Material You
  56. App I can't live without
  57. Wabi Sabi
  58. Aimong for WOW
  59. Web Design Mistakes
  60. Perfect vs Good enough
  61. Designer vs Artist, which one are you?
  62. Quality vs Quantity, which one is more important?
  63. When are you going to show up?
  64. How to design icons
  65. Content Creation Process
  66. Why your content doesn't go viral?
  67. People don't read...
  68. Unlimited content idea with this simple strategy
  69. 5 Steps to Become a UI Designer
  70. What is the best way to learn UIUX Design?
  71. 8 Tips to Make Your Typography Better
  72. Are they really accidents?
  73. How to become more creative?
  74. 6 designs tools for Instagram
  75. How to be a better creator
  76. Innovate now with MAYA
  77. How Instagram Started
  78. How to create isometric UI components presentation?
  79. Icon Design – Do & Don't
  80. Design vs Engineer
  81. How to position yourself as an expert
  82. 5 killer headline ideas
  83. We all start from Zero
  84. Write better content copy
  85. Smoother & Sharper S hadow in UI Design
  86. The Popcorn Sale Strategy
  87. You don't need to be a Genius
  88. How Nestlé hooked Japan on Coffee
  89. How to Write Faster
  90. Marketing vs Branding
  91. Finding Your Voice and defining your Personal Brand
  92. Essential Figma Shortcuts
  93. The new rule of marketing — Out-teach the competition
  94. Brand Explained by Marty
  95. The Difference between Brand & Marketing
  96. Balancing Simplicity and Complexity in Logo Design
  97. How to destroy the world with Graphic Deisgn
  98. Boost your Instagram Bio Copy
  99. Can people really love a brand
  100. How to create an embossed effect in Adobe Illustrator
  101. Adobe Illustrator Abstract Backdrop
  102. Harmonize your Color in UI Design
  103. How to Make Your Own Color Palette
  104. WTF are Product Designer


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